According to, Lockney Police Chief of Police Casey Fitzwater arrested a man for having a special snack inside of his potato chip bag.

Now, growing up, I always heard junk food would rot your teeth, but in moderation and with some solid dental hygiene I don't think you're in too much danger with most snacks. Except for maybe Meth. That'll get your pearly whites every time.

Fitzwater first noticed the man with Meth flavored Lays in the parking lot of a gas station in Lockney when Marcello Rodriguez was acting strange. Fitzwater approached Rodriguez and he was mumbling and not making any sense.

Those meth Doritos will get to you.

Rodriguez told Fitzwater he was meeting a family member and drove to another gas station, the chief followed him. After doing a little shopping Rodriguez left. The Chief talked the clerk who also felt that Rodriguez was a little loopy and wasn't making much sense. The observant clerk also said he noticed somebody in a white truck make an exchange with Rodriguez in their parking lot before driving off.

Fitzwater followed Rodriguez, pulled him over after a short tail, and searched his vehicle where he found a stash of meth inside of a potato chip bag. Rodriguez was taken into custody.

Unless the cracker jack prizes have been seriously upgraded since I last bought them or potato chip companies are now doing prize roulette where it's either something great or meth, it sure seems like Mr. Rodriguez ALLEGEDLY put the meth in the chips himself.

The bottom line though, is don't eat junk food or do meth if you care about your dental health.



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