During The RockShow on Tuesday, we were tipped off that the Lubbock Carino's Restaurant was vandalized with graffiti and offensive images sometime before morning when employees arrived for work.

The offensive language and images displayed on every side of the building, including the front door, bench and sidewalk were done in black spray paint and signed, 'Carlos.'

Here's where it gets weird.

While I was at the restaurant capturing photos, I was approached by a man who said his name was Carlos, but convincingly insisted that he is not the perpetrator. Carlos stated that he worked his last shift at Carino's on Sunday, but has found better employment and left on good terms.

He acknowledged that he would likely be a suspect by police, so he was there ready to answer any questions and provide an alibi. It stands to reason that someone with a grudge against the restaurant is lashing out and trying to drag Carlos' good name through the mud in the process. But we just don't know for sure one way or the other.

We have reached out to Lubbock Police Department for details on the investigation and will update this post with any developments.

You can see the NSFW pictures below.

Lubbock Carino's Graffiti


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