I think most of us have been there.

It's Saturday or Sunday morning, and it doesn't really matter what time or day it is because your mind cannot grasp or sense it. Your muscles ache, your head feels like it's stuffed with hay, and is the sun a million miles closer to the Earth? Because it is so bright outside. You remove your sunglasses long enough to rub away eye crust or a bit of last night's mascara.

Congratulations, you are hung the heck over.

And that's okay. I certainly cannot judge you. In fact, I'm here to help. The one thing that will cure your sickness is a lot of water and plenty of food that is rich, nutritious, and full of delicious carbs and fats.

You need Jimenez Tortilleria y Taqueria (4606 34th Street). And you don't have to take my word for it, Texas Monthly, our state's most venerated food publication, agrees. 

Jimenez Tortilleria y Taqueria. on Facebook
Jimenez Tortilleria y Taqueria. on Facebook

 has the enviable position of "Taco Editor" at Texas Monthly, so he knows a thing or two about tacos. I highly encourage you to read his whole wonderful piece about Jimenez Torilleria y Taqueria. The first "in-between-the-lines" detail I noticed was that he ate there once... then ate there again the very next day.  That's very telling. And I'm absolutely enamored with his headline: These Hearty West Texas Tacos Will Take the Edge off a Hangover. No burying the lede there. He also is considering coming back for his birthday. High praise indeed:

if you can’t find me at home in Dallas, I might just be in Lubbock eating—and drinking—tortillas.

The "drinking tortillas" is in reference to Jimenez's collaboration with Goodline Beer (2611 Boston Ave.)- they made the corn tortillas from which their limited corn larger was made, and there are plans to make another corn lager for Cinco de Mayo. You can also get some of Jimenez's tacos at Goodline on Sunday afternoons. Goodline has a very nice taproom and patio in Tech Terrace if you're looking for good vibes and good folks.

I highly recommend you give Jimenez Tortilleria y Taqueria a follow on Facebook, you won't regret it. They have hilarious posts and hilariously weird contests, like this one from back in March:

First 5 people to come in and serenade Mark with “Baby come back” by Player gets a free Asado & Cheese taco!! Get those pipes ready!


One more final "pro tip" from me- they also have Pan Dulce! Yum!

Congratulations to the Jimenez family, and thank you for saving so many hungover lives.

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