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The personal-financial website, WalletHub, recently released its list of 2020's Most Pet-Friendly Cities.

Pet ownership is serious business and the availability of resources for animal services and supplies continues to grow. According to WalletHub, "The American Pet Products Association projects that in 2020, pet ownership will cost Americans $99 billion."

Many pet owners consider an animal living in their home an additional family member and will go to great lengths to provide a sense of belonging rather than possessing to the pet as well as other family members.

"With animal parents in mind, WalletHub compared the pet-friendliness of the 100 largest U.S. cities across 25 key metrics. Our data set ranges from minimum pet-care provider rate per visit to pet businesses per capita to walkability. Scroll down for the winners, pet advice from a panel of experts and a full description of our methodology.", writes Adam McCann, Financial Writer for WalletHub.

Lubbock is 36th most pet-friendly out of the list of 100 largest U.S. cities according to WalletHub's findings.

Data also concluded the top 10 most and least friendly cities:

Most Pet-Friendly CitiesLeast Pet-Friendly Cities
1. Tampa, FL91. Newark, NJ
2. Austin, TX92. Chula Vista, CA
3. Las Vegas, NV93. Mesa, AZ
4. Orlando, FL94. Buffalo, NY
5. Seattle, WA95. Laredo, TX
6. St. Louis, MO96. Bakersfield, CA
7. Atlanta, GA97. Honolulu, HI
8. New Orleans, LA98. Santa Ana, CA
9. Birmingham, AL99. San Bernardino, CA
10. San Diego, CA100. Fresno, CA
Source: WalletHub

Key Stats From WalletHub

  • Corpus Christi, Texas, has the lowest average veterinary care costs (per visit), $38.75, which is 2.1 times lower than in Washington, the city with the highest at $80.09.
  • Miami has the most veterinarians (per square root of the population), 0.3350, which is 88.2 times more than in Newark, New Jersey, the city with the fewest at 0.0038.
  • St. Paul, Minnesota, has the lowest monthly dog-insurance premium, $34.84, which is 2.5 times lower than in San Francisco, the city with the highest at $88.76.
  • San Francisco has the most pet businesses (per square root of the population), 0.8427, which is 24.8 times more than in Newark, New Jersey, the city with the fewest at 0.0340.

To read the entire report along with the metrics used to develop the list, click here.

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