This is going to sound painfully, I don't know, American? of me, but I really do believe in the power of the individual entrepreneur to innovate and make the world a better place, even in ways that just make life more convenient.

Thanks why I think we should all back this Kickstarter featuring the product DomeDock by Giles Inspired. He's a Lubbock guy addressing a very common organizational issue for dude with a lot of baseball caps- which is a lot of dudes, especially in West Texas.

The video he made is frankly adorable and I really want this guy to succeed. He is 4/5ths funded- so let's push him over the edge.

The best part about funding a kickstarter? You get rewards at different funding levels- including the product itself starting at $20. So you get something cool, and you get to help a Lubbock dude reach his dream. That's wholesome. That is SO something you would do, right?


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