One total badass in Lubbock took the law into his own hands and helped a random stranger at a gas station when a car thief stole his vehicle while he was shopping in the store.

Zachery Altamirano's quick thinking and bravery ended in a car thief's arrest. One less car thief is exactly what we need in Lubbock.

Altamirano stopped at 7-Eleven after work to grab some snacks to take home for a night of gaming after a hard day. He noticed a "sketchy" individual jump into a blue Dodge Ram 1500 and haul ass away, realizing that something wasn't quite right.

Someone had just stolen a vehicle in front of him.


He asked a man inside the store, who he later learned is named Devondric, if the truck that just burned off in the parking lot belonged to him. It did. In fact, the man's dog was still inside the truck.

Instead of just calling the police and going home to play video games, Altamirano suggested that he and Devondric go after the stolen truck and get it back. And that's exactly what they did.

Smart thinking reminded them of GPS location tracking on the man's cellphone. They were able to find the truck and get it back, but not before a little extra damage was done to Zachery's vehicle. The thief rammed him, which they both expected. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover the incident because the thief was behind the wheel during the incident and not the truck owner.

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This incredible act of selflessness in the midst of someone else's crisis is what makes this story so damn wholesome. It's not always a good idea to take the law into your own hands, but this time it worked out. Those guys both need a job with the Lubbock Police Department. At least they were given some junior police officer stickers by the responding officers. Ha!

If you would like to donate to Zachery Altamirano's GoFundMe to cover some of the damage done to his car by the thief, here it is.

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