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Typical Lubbock, Texas resolutions:

1. Lose weight

2. Save Money

3. Stop Driving Cars Into Houses

The first two were shaky, and the third is already a failed resolution.

Lubbock only made it 8 days into the new year before a car hit a house. Here's the aftermath, as photographed by KCBD:

Woof. That house will need major repairs and that car is possibly totaled. It's a sheer stroke of luck that (reportedly) no one was hurt.

What causes this car vs. house phenomenon to happen so often in Lubbock? 

Likely it's Lubbock-brand bad driving. Some cases could be fatigued or elderly driving, although I'm not sure we have more tired or old folks than in other places.  Or it could be the worst type of driving, that is, drunk driving.

But it could also be a case of confirmation bias.

con·fir·ma·tion bi·as
  1. the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.

Basically, it's the idea that if you already believe something to be true, you'll notice evidence that supports your claim more often. But even with that in mind, it does still really seem like Lubbock, cars, and houses are a bad combination.

However, my first experience with a car vs. a house happened to my family. We were living in Spokane, Washington at the time. Luckily for us, a scraggly, ugly bush got in the way of the truck that was headed for our living room. I'll never forget all the glass and trash strewn over our front yard the next day. So, believe it or not, it does happen in other places as well.

Lubbock, let's hope this is just a "hiccup" in our resolution to stop hitting houses with our cars. Even though we blew a perfect record for 2023, let's not let "perfect be the enemy of good."

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