It's been a cold one this week in Lubbock, Texas. Classes were canceled all over town and the Texas Tech campus was rather quiet on Tuesday morning, muffled by a thick layer of snow.

Lubbock photographer, Karen Woodruff Nichols, took the frosty opportunity to grab some breathtaking photos around campus, and we thought you might enjoy taking a peek at them.

Nichols told FMX,

"I am a proud Red Raider and I think our campus is truly amazing. I am also a West Texan and I think this part of Texas has the most awesome views. We travel all over the United States and we love it all. But my heart is here."

Texas Tech Looks Rather Lovely Covered in Snow

Lovely images of the Tech campus after a big snow.

She also took some really beautiful shots around Lake Ransom Canyon, as well, that I just couldn't resist showing off along with the others. These pictures are definitely a mood. They make me want to crawl under the covers on my couch and watch a scary movie by the fire. She even got a few images of the famous 'Steel House'. It looks rather ominous...

More Snowy Images To Gawk At...

It's probably for the best that we don't have weather like this very often. Lubbock drivers are a bit unhinged on snow and ice. I really love the snow and I wish we got more of it, but the downsides are definitely present. Still, it's nice to experience all of the seasons in Lubbock instead of just the same old dirty wind.

Do you have any nice photos from our snow in Lubbock this week? I'd love to see them. Feel free to comment below this article and share some of your pictures on our Facebook page.

Drive safe!

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