I'm going to make every attempt not to spoil this movie for you, but be warned, I'm likely to go full Harley Quinn at any moment... I'm still trying to wrap my mind around what happened when I went to see 'Joker' on the IMAX screen at Premiere Cinemas.

It's not common that I can get a block of time to attend a movie, but when I do, I prefer matinee times and Mondays, so finding the right opportunity to enjoy a film on the big screen isn't always easy.

Photo via Kelly Plasker
Photo via Kelly Plasker

Props to My Friends at Premiere Cinemas - Hi, Tanner!

Thankfully, our local Premiere Cinemas offer showtimes that allow for me to see a movie while the kids are at school and after having heard the reviews about 'Joker' not being recommended for children, of course I had to go find out what all the fuss is about since my youngest son is a huge fan of Batman.

I find myself looking for more and more excuses to go see movies at Premiere Cinemas since they installed the fancy reclining seats and of course, the nacho bar is the real draw for me, which is why my manfriend and I were there early enough to enjoy some laughs with strangers while we waited in our seats for the lights to dim and previews to begin.

I didn't know that there is such a thing as banana flavored cotton candy until yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is a great dessert for a nacho lover like me, but I digress. I'm sure you're still wondering what I thought about the movie, 'Joker'.

'Joker' Review

It was MIND-BLOWING! I loved the cast selected for this adaptation of DC Comics' most notorius super-villain, though I admittedly had my doubts because of some products from the past. That said, I also had to give this version a chance, because that's what fans do, we are in it for the long haul, not the quick return on investment.

Joaquin Phoenix is an extremely versatile actor who, even with an easily recognizable face, captivates the audience within moments, erasing any previous role from memory. The viewer who becomes emotionally invested in the character, Arthur Fleck, who asks to be referred to as Joker in the film, will be in for a real roller coaster ride of emotions. This is especially true if the viewer suffers from, or knows someone with, brain trauma.

I'm not talking about the kind of trauma that involves being hit in the head, though as someone who can relate, it feels like being hit in the head. Repeatedly. All of the time. This sort of trauma is rooted deeply in the brain in a nuerological way and prevents the person suffering from being able to absorb the world and its stimulants the way that "normal" people process information. The symptoms and consequences of this sort of trauma is what the audience is exposed to when watching 'Joker'.

It is not for the faint of heart. In fact, if you are not someone who is prone to laughing at dark humor, you'll likely be quite disturbed by what is displayed on screen, but if you have a broken brain, like me, I think you'll love this movie. I cried through the whole movie and when I say cried, I mean like snot slinging kind of crying.

The movie does well to open up the book on what happens when mental health goes unchecked. Phoenix is brilliant at making the audience feel uneasy about falling in love with a man who so clearly enjoys his newly discovered power to entertain himself, and those like him, by terrorizing others.

There is a layer that is eventually revealed during the movie that has left me with more questions than answers, but that just makes it all the more beautifully distorted. I'm going to stop before I really spoil anything...

'Joker' is without a doubt worth every cent to watch, and doing it in a totally emersive setting such as Premiere Cinemas IMAX theater makes it so much more memborable.

I hope you'll see it soon so we can discuss! Until then, remember to put on a happy face, and don't forget to smile.


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