Back in March, a very popular Lubbock food truck made the announcement that they were going to undergo a major menu/ concept switch. Mai Thai was going to become Shaka Hawaiian Grill, due to the departure of their trusted chef.

Some folks were excited to have convenient access to Hawaiian food from the trusted Mai Thai team (myself included) and some were heartbroken they'd no longer be able to get Mai Thai from a food truck (myself included). It seemed that there was no way to make everyone happy... except that there is and they are totally going to do it!

Mai Thai will be doing BOTH. Yay!

In a Facebook post, Mai Thai explained how we can have our Thai, and eat Hawaiian, too:

After lots of thoughts, planning and prayers. We made the decision to move forward with a brand new build for Shaka Hawaiian BBQ. That means we will keep Mai Thai Kitchen food truck the way it is instead of remodeling it and ramp it back up very soon!

The post went on to explain that the Mai Thai truck will undergo a name change to The Wok Thai and Chinese to match their brick-and-mortar location in Dimmit, Texas. Mai Thai's brick-and-mortar in Idalou is no longer in operation.  They will also be open fewer days (likely to help accommodate both concepts) and are currently looking to hire part-time help.

I love to see successful small businesses grow and adapt along with the needs and wants of Lubbock. It is obvious that Mai Thai listened to their customers and are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy. I am very excited about Shaka, as I am a big fan of Hawaiian food, but I'm also relieved I won't have to give up Mai Thai's cuisine to get it.

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