When I was a little kid, I was a frequent visitor to the "walk-in" theater.  I guess we called regular theaters "walk-ins" because there were so many drive-ins. The theater was a long, long way from my house and nearly impossible to get to without a ride. Even with the threat of that long walk, I had to leave one movie because I was terrified.

It's important to note that I would watch ANY movie that would let me in at that age. Sure the movie in question was rated PG but we all know you can have pretty much all the violence and terror you want in a PG just as long as you don't curse or have nudity.

The movie that caused me to leave in terror was "Frogs". Yes, swampland creatures get mad at a polluter and get their revenge. It was just a little too intense for a young Wes. Weirdly enough though, I didn't really have a problem with frogs before or after the movie, it was just those mean killer ones I saw in the movie.

I still find it surprising when I find a frog in Lubbock. I have a basic idea of how frogs work, but where do the frogs (or components used to make frogs) go when it's 114 degrees around here? Apparently, all of the rain we've had of late was enough to kick in the frog activation life cycle.  Also, frogs enjoy doing the breaststroke in my cat's water.

Yes, we have frogs in Lubbock (and they're probably not deadly).

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