Menchie's Frozen Yogurt in Lubbock (2910 West Loop 289, Suite 915 & 8201 Quaker #103) is encouraging kids to read 10 books, which will earn them a free, 8-ounce frozen yogurt.

To participate, your child will need a Menchie's bookmark, which is available at their stores. However, many Lubbock children were sent home with one from school already. Above is a picture of what they look like.

Your child will fill out their bookmark with the books they've read, and will need to get the signature of their teacher or librarian and their parent's signature as well.

Reading over the winter break is an excellent way to retain proficiency and eases your child back into school life when the break is over, according to Scholastic, the wonderful folks who brought us our beloved book fair year after year. (Always a far better day than picture day, in my opinion.)

If your child is a reluctant or easily bored reader, I highly recommend they check out graphic novels appropriate to their age group. The Mahon Library (1306 9th Street) has an extensive collection, thanks to the efforts of my dear friend Robert Weiner during his tenure there. Much research has been done on graphic novels and comic books, and has shown time and time again to improve literacy and critical and abstract thinking -- even in highly literate children and adults.

For more information, be sure to check out this lovely article from our friends at Everything Lubbock.

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