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There are almost no new movies coming out right now. The fact that a movie can "win" the box office with a couple of million dollars on opening weekend shows how little Hollywood is putting out right now. But the theater experience is still really special, and it might be the perfect date for your Valentine.

Lubbock's Premiere Cinemas (6002 Slide Road, inside South Plains Mall) is hosting some of the most beloved throw-back romantic movies during the month of February. Put on your special jeans, because beginning February 5th, it's 50 Shades of Grey. Starting February 12th is Crazy Rich Asians, February 19th is the critically acclaimed The Notebook and February 26th marks the beginning of When Harry Meets Sally, and I'll have what she's having!  The best part is that tickets are only $5, leaving plenty of cash for the candy and popcorn.

You can step it up and have the entire theater to yourselves for only $75. Up to 20 people can attend your private screening so this might make for the perfect proposal, or just a wonderful "couples date" for a couple of... couples.

I rented the theater with a few friends of mine and it was ridiculously fun and comfortable. The reclinable seats give you plenty of space to stretch out and when you rent the theater you can chat and cut up as much as you want without your neighbor dumping their soda over your head.

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