When it comes to requests through out the day here on Lubbock's Rock Station very rarely do I not get a request for Mad Season.

"Above" is the only album recorded by the band and is set for a deluxe edition release which is set for April 2nd. The deluxe edition will come with 2 cd's and a dvd which features the original album and the unfinished 2nd album and the dvd will have the last show Mad Season played. Now in world of music that always throws you a "deluxe version" of your favorite album and they aren't worth anything, but this is the exception the "Above" deluxe edition is a most have.


The track "Locomotive" can be heard at RollingStone.com which is a pretty solid track that never made it to a release until now.

Mad Season was formed in 1994 with vocalist Layne Staley of  Alice In Chains, guitarist Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, drummer/percussionist Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees and bassist John Baker Saunders of The Walkabouts.

Get ready for April 2nd and let me know if you are planing on picking up this amazing deluxe edition of "Above" from Mad Season.

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