First, I know I have said this before, but I HAVE to say it again, YOU CAN LITERALLY FIND ANYTHING on YouTube. Don't believe me, just keep reading, then watch the video and if you don't agree, I will let you buy my lunch.  This morning at the gym, I over heard two guys complaining to the manager about another members actions in the restroom... not the locker room, the restroom.

As I listened, I had to laugh because the things they were saying (though unspoken) were true and right on the mark when it comes to unspoken "guy codes."

After the two guys walked away a female staff member started asking the manager if what they were saying was in fact true.

Again, I had to laugh to myself for the simple reason that yes, pretty much the things they were complaining about are true.

Men, you will most likely have to explain this one to the ladies because apparently they do not have these type of rules when it comes to their restroom etiquette.

I'm sure you wondering what offense the guy committed while in the restroom, well, not only did he go to a urinal directly between the two guys when there were four others at the end of the row available, he continued to try to carry on a conversation with the guys about their shoes and their shorts... Which men, you know what that means, he was not looking forward.

Naturally, when I got home I had to search YouTube to see if there was in fact a video on restroom etiquette for men, and to my surprise, not really, not one but several.

So, for those guys who are unfamiliar with how to act in the mens room, here is a how to video just for you, and women, consider it an FYI.

Quit shaken it and check out the video...