Valentine's Day is coming up and instead of fighting the crowds and the rising prices at restaurants, turn to Market Street to make sure your day is special.

Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets joined me today to discuss how United is getting ready for Valentine's Day. All locations will have cards, candy, and other items that go along with Valentine's Day. Market Street locations at 19th and Quaker and 82nd and Frankford will have tents set up with flowers, candy, and even stuffed animals. If you are at the mall on Valentine's Day, United will have a booth set up inside where you can buy gifts.

Market Street locations also have you covered for dinner that night. Duby said that all Market Street locations are now taking orders for dinner for two. You get to choose from a Prime Rib dinner or Salmon dinner. It comes with a side and dessert. Dinner for 2 ranges from $35 to $39 dollars which is a great deal on Valentine's Day.

You have until Sunday to order online for Dinner for 2 from Market Street. After Sunday you will need to call the Market Street closest to you to order.

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