Mastodon's Brent Hinds has revealed in an Instagram post (see below) that the band has begun work on a new record with producer Brendan O'Brien (AC/DC. Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers). In the same post, you can see a brief video of the band in the studio.

It's a studio reunion, as O'Brien also produced Mastodon's 2009 effort Crack the Skye. No official word on the release date of the album, but a couple weeks ago guitarist Bill Kelliher revealed they hope to release it in early 2017. Earlier, Hinds revealed that the follow-up to 2014's Once More 'Round the Sun "is shaping up to be a double album."

In a recent interview with the Atlanta Business Chronicle, bassist Troy Sanders confirmed the early 2017 timetable, and said the band has been working on the album for the bulk of this year.

As to where they are recording, Sanders says, "We’re going to record it in the Atlanta area, so we’ll get to go home and sleep in our own beds at night."

He says they will be holed up in an Atlanta studio for the month of October: "We’re excited because we’ve done lots of touring over the past few years. It’s that refreshing cycle of write, record, tour, tour, tour, take a break, write, record, tour, tour, tour. This is one of the many healthy transitions that we do as a band to keep our momentum going."

Sanders continues, "We’re excited about recording because we haven’t recorded a record in over two years. Positive vibes are in the house."

It has begun ! New mastodon record with Brendon o Brian!

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