Texas Tech police responded Monday night (Oct. 3) to a report that someone on campus was dressed as a clown.

According to Texas Tech University, officers with the Texas Tech Police Department responded to a call about someone in Chitwood Hall dressed as a clown. However, the officers were unable to find said clown or anyone who said they'd seen a clown.

The officers walked Chitwood Hall, cleared the building and "maintained a presence in the area throughout the night in an abundance of caution," said a statement posted on Texas Tech's official Twitter account.

The school declined to say whether or not the clown sighting report was a prank.

Clown sightings have been a social media phenomenon in recent weeks. Clowns have been spotted in several states, including Texas. It's unclear if there's a reason being the uptick in clown sightings or a guiding force behind it.


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