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I'm fairly certain the most popular comedy podcast on planet earth is My Brother, My Brother and Me: An Advice Show for the Modern Era. Or, as fans call it, 'My Bim Bam,' which is just how everyone decided to pronounce the acronym, because let's face it, the title is quite a mouthful.

I do know beyond any doubt that it's my personal favorite podcast. It's hilarious, charming, sweet and just a touch spicy. It's rife with inside jokes and sibling banter. If you start listening to it, just a fair warning: you will 'like a talk a dino,' and you will want to dum don na na na.....MUNCH...SQUAD!

Like I said, it's inside jokes. But you do feel like a part of them almost immediately.

On a recent episode, baby brother and 30-under-30 luminary Griffin totally name-checks Lubbock as a place in which a snail might "beef it." Griffin lives in Austin, so he's a fellow Texan; he gets it.

MBMAM is so beloved that droves of fans will animate segments from the show, sometimes only days after the show airs. I really love the charming and cute style of Fraiser Connel, who uses a sort-of construction paper look to their animations. (Hey, it's a whimsical show, it makes sense to have a whimsical animation style to accompany it.)

I keep mentioning MBMBAM like its the Disney Channel because it makes me feel cozy, but I assure you there's spicy language and, FYI, it may be NSFW.

Enjoy this "advice" on the difference between snails and slugs, who are basically the same person.

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