2020 has been an eventful year thus far with game cancellations, reschedules, shut-downs, mandates, and more. Throughout it all, college coaching staffs have been expected to continue recruiting and building a program. In Texas Tech's case, I thought they had a ton of momentum heading out of last season in recruiting and before March the class was headed to the next level, and then it just sort of stayed there.

That's not to say this is a bad class, sure it's ranked 10th out of 10 according to 247sports.com, but that's not the whole story. With only 11 commits it's hard to boost your numbers. Looking at the classes by average recruit the team is sitting at 5th in the conference.

Nationally, again, just looking at the surface numbers might cause you to panic with the class sitting at 73rd at the time of this writing.

I don't know what the spring will look like for college football, but if most of these guys end up enrolling early the class only gets stronger. The tight end position adds two towering recruits, another solid running back joins, a prized receiver and the crown jewel of a quarterback signing puts the class in a good spot offensively.

The defensive line also gets a boost from the class.

There are no secondary or linebackers in the class, but those have been heavily added to by transfer in Wells tenure and that will need to continue. For the 2021 season, Colin Schooler and Riko Jeffers are both returning. That's skating a thin line though.

On to the recruits:

Behren Morton, Quarterback

Cam'ron Valdez, Running Back

Jed Castles, Tight End

Jack Tucker, Offensive Line

Charles Esters III, Defensive Line

Isaac Smith, Defensive Line

Jerand Bradley

Jacoby Jackson, Offensive Line

E'Maurion 'Dooda' Banks, Defensive Line

Mason Tharp, Tight End

As more recruits sign, this post will be updated.

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