Megadeth released the new song "Night Stalkers" featuring Ice-T on Friday (July 22). It's the second single from the metal band's upcoming album The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!

Ice-T, of course, is the hip-hop artist and actor behind the rap-metal act Body Count.

Together, "Night Stalkers" furthers Megadeth's heavy metal quest as multiple guitar riffs pepper the aggressive number steered by bandleader Dave Mustaine.  Earlier this week, Megadeth teased the single and its accompanying music video that also emerges today (Friday).

Listen to "Night Stalkers" near the bottom of this post and look for the music video to be available at 10AM ET.

The track followed Megadeth's introductory The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead! single, last month's "We'll Be Back." Both are among the tracklisting on the LP out this September. Together with a future Megadeth single, each are also part of a music video trilogy.

Last year, longtime Megadeth bassist David Ellefson was let go from the band amid a sex scandal. Bassist James LoMenzo permanently replaced him after Testament's Steve Di Giorgio stepped in to record bass on the albumThe Sick, the Dying… and the Dead! also marks Megadeth's studio debut of Dirk Verbeuren, the drummer who joined the group in 2016 but had yet to play on record.

The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead! arrives on Sept. 2. This summer, Megadeth hit the road with Five Finger Death Punch for a slew of shows across North America. Get tickets here.

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Megadeth, "Night Stalkers" Lyrics (via Genius)

Concealed in the night from the light of the moon
Undetected between the heavens, the stars, and the seas
They seize the night when it's dark, like inside a tomb
Faintly, their flat black body armor gleams, light it up

From verdict, to deliverance, to retribution
To the very last beat of a dead man’s pulse
You can hear the thunder roar, you can hear the engines roar
It causes thе ground to quake, to buckle and convulse

Lights out in thе desert
Battle-born, ready to fight
Your death waits in the dark
And it stalks the night
Night Stalkers

The angels of death ride the waves of the air
You barely see the pilots on this "zero-illum" night
The avenger's ready, now, as the targets growing near
Tracer bullets, shot from the ground, behind enemy lines

Blacked out, we're under radio silence
Night vision on, green halos a’ glow
It's killing time, another lesson in violence
Bodies pile up, and adrenaline starts to flow

Lights out in the desert
Battle-born, ready to fight
Your death waits in the dark
And it stalks the night
Night Stalkers

Yo, when you hear four MH-47
And Black Hawk helicopters coming in low
In the dark of night
Loaded with Rangers
And Delta Force Special Ops shooters
Locked and loaded
Game's over, bitches
Got ya in my night vision
'Bout to let this 30 mm canon go
You've never seen us coming
So there's no chance of running

Nothing you do can stop them
They're gonna get ya, wanted dead or alive
You can run, but you know they will find you
"Death waits in the dark," and they own the night

Lights out in the desert
Battle-born, ready to fight
Your death waits in the dark
And it stalks the night
(The night)

Hydra rockets are all locked and loaded
Laser-guided Hellfire missiles are ready and armed
Itchy fingers on thirty mike-mike triggers
They enter the fight, with all of their targets acquired

Flying in "formation" like a black snake
Slithering closely over the map of the earth
Slicing the silvery-blueish night fog to ribbons
The time has come to return dirt back to the dirt, yeah

Megadeth feat. Ice-T, "Night Stalkers"

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