The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that this may be the year that Coach Mike Leach returns to the gridiron.  The paper says Leach could end up anywhere from Illinois to UCLA.  More after the jump.


The paper quotes "a source close to Leach' that says this is the year that he returns to the big time.  Meanwhile, Illinois fans are hoping their new athletic director makes a bold move and hires Leach. The paper acknowledges  that Leach's name is being brought up for vacancies at Arizona State, Washington State, Ole Miss, Memphis and more as well as the aforementioned UCLA and Illinois.

I don't think any of the Red Raider faithful every really thought we could get "our coach" back, but having him sign on somewhere else really hammers that point home.

What's your choice? If you can't watch Leach on the Tech field, where would you like to see him end up?  Or do you have plans on following his career at all? Do you want to see him succeed or fail?  Give us your opinion now!

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