Ah, the end of the year round-ups have begun. And one of the best, at least one of our favorite's, has always been "Mr. Skin's" top 10 nude scenes of the year. So here they are! well at least links to them.

This is his top 10 starting with a movie you probably never heard of. If you're a member, of course, you can watch them all at his website. Or google them and you just might be surprised.

#1.) Ashley Hinshaw, "About Cherry". Here's a five minute video of Ashley's topless and naughty sex scenes at DailyMotion.com.

#2) Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman, "Take This Waltz".

#3.) Sophie Rundle, "Episodes"  Matt LeBlanc's Showtime series, features a character named LABIA, and she plays Matt's stalker.

#4.) Helen Hunt, "The Sessions". Yes it's Helen Hunt, but who hasn't been curious about her for years.

#5.) Olivia Munn, "Magic Mike".

#6.) Camilla Luddington, "Californication".

#7.) Ali Cobrin, "American Reunion".

#8.) Jessica Marais, "Magic City".

#9.) Sarah Power, "Californication". One of the best parts of this short clip is when "Hank", David Duchovny, mentions that she will "probably nab herself a Mr. skin award in the process." Yup, called it!

#10.) Kristen Stewart, "On the Road".

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