For folks with sensory processing issues, public spaces can be really overwhelming. Luckily more and more businesses and organizations are seeking to include more individuals by holding sensory friendly events catered to adults and children who need environmental adjustments or tools to help them enjoy their experience.

The Museum of Texas Tech University is an absolute treasure- from huge dinosaur skeletons, to amazing interactive displays and more, it's a place I've enjoyed frequently throughout the years. They are hosting a Sensory Night tomorrow (November 7th, 2018). The event is free, but please RSVP as soon as possible to Bethany Cheshire at bethany.cheshire@ttu.eduor call (806) 834-2844.

Sensory Night at the Museum of Texas Tech University is an event where people who are diagnosed with Autism or other special sensory needs can enjoy the Museum of Texas Tech University in an atmosphere that is comfortable for their specific sensory needs.

The Museum will display our new sensory backpacks at Sensory Night. The backpacks, which will be available for rental from the Museum's Education Division beginning Nov. 13, will include tools to help those with autism or who have special sensory needs. Among the material in the backpacks will be:
-noise reducing headphones
-weighted suspenders
-fidget toys

The Sensory Night event is entirely FREE including admission, parking, crafts and sensory friendly planetarium shows. For parents of children with Autism or Adults with Autism, the Museum will have an area set up with booths that include information about the resources in Lubbock.




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