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There's very little I'd rather be doing than flipping through records. I love their shape, their heft, even their smell. Records are magical artifacts of sound -- small, sacred monuments to song, the very thing that makes life worth living.

These totems of etched vinyl grooves make solid a medium otherwise unholdable by human hands, the unseeable waves that communicate and make sacred what it is to be human- music.

I recently went into Ralph's Records (82nd & Indiana) with a spirit of serendipity in my heart. I had no expectations or goals, save for walking out a few records richer. I came out with an eclectic assortment of divine weirdness.

So let me introduce what I hope will be a series of silly videos: "My Pink Haul, Y'all." And if you're thinking that this is a total rip-off of Amoeba Record's "What's In My Bag" series...congratulations, you are correct! (If you've never spent any time watching those, you're missing out. The Eric Andre and Trixie Mattel episodes are my favorite.)

Ralph's Records has been keeping Lubbock entertained for a whopping 40 years, just like 94.5 FMX. Did you know a radio station and a record store could be in love and totally married? Well, we are. Common purpose is a great way to maintain a relationship and all either of us wants to do is keep you entertained.

Support your local record store. It's a beautiful (and sacred) thing.