Does a ghost child roam the halls of the El Paso Children’s Hospital?

Can't say for sure, but a very interesting video posted by a local paranormal group that appears to show some kind of freaky apparition revealing itself in a corridor of the medical facility sure makes a good case for it.

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Bonnie Juarez, President of The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts 915), says the footage is from one of the pediatric hospital’s security cameras. She said she came into possession of the recording “a couple of years ago” and only recently made it public.

Per the caption that accompanies the video Juarez posted on the PDNPS Facebook, "Sheriff’s officers [were] called [to the children’s hospital] to check on lights coming on by themselves. No one around so they asked to view video from hall cameras."

What they saw was a mysterious figure that Bonnie believes to be the ghost of a child who presumably lost his or her battle with whatever medical condition they sought treatment for.

Ghosts915 - Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook
Ghosts915 - Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook

The twenty-one second clip, which you can watch HERE, shows some kind of transparent being appearing to skip towards the doors before leaping through them. Nearly ten seconds later, it vaults back through the same doors before hurrying off in the identical direction it came from.

Surveillance video isn’t exactly known for its superior quality, and the caliber of this particular footage is fuzzy and blurry at best. And while the light blob is indistinguishable, I must admit its actions and movement is rather peculiar and unusual.

Is it another-worldly form skipping and bounding down the hall and through the doors as a child ghost might, or could it be some kind of camera or video glitch? “If it’s a glitch, it’s a good one," Bonnie told me. "It moves like a person, small one, and once the lights click on, it ‘runs’ back in the opposite direction.”

I’m not aware of any resident ghosts or ghostly going-ons at El Paso Children's Hospital, but that doesn’t mean there isn't. I mean, hospitals aren't the least likeliest places to be haunted.

So, ghost or glitch? As I always say when it comes to matters of the paranormal: We report, you decide.

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