When these sinkholes first appeared in 1980, they were unsettling and unexplained. Now, as the sinkholes continue to expand, there's growing concern in Wink, Texas.

This is a mysterious landmark phenomenon that is not a tourist site, although many have been curious to view these gaping holes.

These sinkholes are expanding according to several sources, including strangesounds.org.

While local residents have had to get used to living with these existing sites, there's nothing ordinary about the latest evidence that these sinkholes are not only unstable and getting bigger quickly, but that additional sinkholes seem to be forming.

I have heard stories of swampland in Florida and places out in the desert that had drifting sand, but here in Texas, somehow the ground has felt more solid than that. Unfortunately, this appears to be something else we may have to blame oil and gas companies for.

Recent theories have attributed the existence of these ominous holes to the oil and gas drilling in the area, according to a WBUR news report. There is concern the two sinkholes could come together into one immense sinkhole.

There are additional reports that the roads are sinking under the weight of heavy trucks. The holes have been fenced off for safety, but there is much work to be done and a great deal of concern about the crumbling land in west Texas.


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