Scream was the first movie I ever watched twice back to back.  I don't know why I missed it in theaters (probably because the trailer doesn't do the movie justice). All I know is I rented it on a Friday night, watched it, went to bed and then woke up and watched it again.  I've seen it a dozen times and have invested numerous hours in it and all of the sequels.  More after the jump.

Scream is set to be an MTV series and for that, I'm pretty excited.  To me, a bad Scream show is still better than all the the Teen Moms and other crap they put on their.  Anyways, this brings us the perfect opportunity to look back at the Scream Films.

Scream was notable because the characters in the movie "knew" about the dumb stuff people do in horror movies and yet they still get offed one by one.  It was also notable that the biggest star in the movie was killed off in the first ten minutes (a trademark of the Scream movies).  The film introduced us to Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) who was the killers ultimate target.  This genre breaking film earns five out of five nightmares all the way.

Scream II was a revelation.  It was as good as the first.  Yes there are few times that sequels have been better than the original (and this is a point that is brought up in the film).  While not better than the original, Scream II was it's predecessors equal and that's damn good.  At work in this movie are "copy-cat" killers who are killing in the same method as the killers from the original Scream.  The other notable thing is that Scream II introduced the "movie withing a movie" known as "Stab", which I blame for the ultimate demise of the series.

Scream III is an absolute mess.  Now the killings are taking place on the set of the movies within a movie.  Now while it's AWESOME to see someone shut Jenny McCarthy up, it's still not enough to keep this all from becoming a confusing mess.   Also at play here is that the movie and or script was "toned" down because of the real life tragedy at Columbine.  Even after watching this movie a half dozen times, I can't give you a real clue as to what it was about or how it ended.  I remember a lot of chasing around on movie sets and stuff.  I give Scream 3 one Nightmare out of five.  It really was that big of a drag.

Scream 4 was a lot better than it got credit for.  It was a worthy entry in the series but it suffered from one fatal flaw, it couldn't decide if it's purpose was to introduce new characters or stick with the ones from the original cast.  Even I, as a fan, was hoping they'd go with the new because the older ones seemed a little "played out".  Even with that, the movie updated "the rules" that are quoted in Scream movies and had pretty satisfying killer(s).  I give the movie three out of five Nightmares.

So, SERIOUSLY, if you haven't watched these movies.  SKIP Three.  You don't need it. You'll be fine.  Or just watch one and two back to back over and over again.  I am not picky when it comes to movies and especially not picky when it comes to horror movies. Scream 3 will just make you mad.



And here's the Scream "Rules"