Well today's the day folks! It's November 1st and that means that the P. Roach boys are officially back in the studio working on a new C.D. Any guesses on "who" could not be happier? In an interview on Saturday Jacoby revealed that he and the boys are listening to a wide variety of music and plugging into several different sources while preparing the new record.

In addition to tapping into different types of music and drawing inspiration from music they will be pulling together as a band and drawing inspiration from each other. The boys will be participating in spiritual sessions so they can connect better with one another learn to be more open to one another's ideas.

In addition they are even toying with the idea of a duet with female, something they have never done so far!

The band is determined to make this new album "the album of their career" and to give fans something out of the norm from P. Roach.