Pedophilia Panic has reached an all-time high.

There is a meme/slash post going viral that says "Kim Martin Morrow the CEO of Netflix has been charged with 15 counts of child pornography...(scurrilous details and accusations, etc.)."

So, of course, who doesn't want to murder a pedophile? I saw great comments like, "I hope Jesus will forgive me but I hope he gets killed." Nice.

One problem: there is no one named Kim Martin Morrow at Netflix. He/She/It/Whatever does not exist. So the village idiots were ready to burn the witch, even though there was no reason to burn the witch...and no actual witch.

Trolls and others are taking liberty with their morals to try to give Netflix a bad name because they don't agree with one movie, that they never watched, which is currently on the service. It's not right to make up accusations because you can't get action on the one you're concerned with.

Please pass along the word to your friends that this Kim Martin Morrow thing is BS. Report the story as fake news if/when you see it.

I don't think anyone of us should have to be the "Sheriff of the Internet," but apparently some people are dumb as a bag of hammers and won't take 10 seconds to do a Google search before they try to ruin someone or something's reputation.

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