This summer we have had a lot to deal with, unusually high temperatures and drought and now this.... Miley Cyrus has gotten a new tattoo.I'm telling you what these "former" Disney stars and their wild outbursts; what is this world coming to? Seems Miss Cyrus went out and got herself yet another tattoo (she has 4 already), this one is a horrible tiny little tattoo on her finger, of (sit down this is gonna be graphic) are you ready... of an equal sign....

Yes, I said it, an equal sign! How dare she? Miley tweeted she got the ink in support of gay and lesbian rights, after many negative comments Miley shot back asking, "Where does it say in the bible to judge others?" she Tweeted to one of her followers. "Oh right. It doesn't!

Miley has been blasted in recent years by the mothers of her fans for what really amounts to nothing more than growing up. From what I can tell from reading the reports of all her horrible trists; besides really coming into her own as a singer (remember the video of her Wes posted last month sing "Landslide") this kid has done nothing but taken a stand on many controversial topics that kids who watched her on Disney know nothing about. And from the hate she gets from the parents of these kids neither do they.

All this to say, people let it go, she "was" a Disney star, now she is a young adult. Let her live her life, make her choices and her mistakes. If you don't agree with what she has to say or what she does then when you see an article about her, don't read it, when you hear her name on TV change the channel.

Why is it if a person "was" a Disney star as a child people seem to expect them to act like the 9 year old they protrayed for the rest of their lives? Remember Justin (Dick in a Box)Timberlake was a Disney star and he seems to be doing better than fine!