miley cyrus

Death Metal Miley! It Rocks!
If you ask me, Miley Cyrus has gotten a bad rap all because she grew up and has made the decision to walk away from the image of a little girl and embrace what she is, a young woman.
SNL Ranked: Miley Cyrus Hosts the Underwhelming Premiere
SNL is back! Season 41 kicks off with famed tongue-wagging pop star Miley Cyrus pulling double duty as both host and musical guest, and regardless of how you feel about her music career, the last time Cyrus hosted was a total delight. New featured player Jon Rudnitsky makes his debut in the premiereā€¦
Shame on You, Miley Cyrus [VIDEO]
In a world where there are people dying of hunger, American men and women giving their lives for our freedom, and people in this country struggling just to survive from month to month.

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