Rock star marriages don't always last. Sometimes, they're over in a flash. Just how quick, you may ask? Months, weeks, days — very fast. Indeed, these are the shortest rock star marriages.

As we all know by now, divorce is just a part of life. And there are various reasons a marriage may come to an end. But some of these rock marriages may surprise you with how short they were.

However, we have to set some parameters here, so we're omitting a few notably succinct celebrity marriages for being too outside the rock sphere.

That includes what could be the shortest ever — Britney Spears' 55-hour marriage to her childhood friend Jason Alexander. It also means we're not counting celebrity couplings such as Tom Green and Drew Barrymore's year-long marriage, since neither of them are musicians.

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We're also leaving out a bunch of country singers' short marriages. Still, in order to cover the bases, we are including celebrity musicians who have some stake in rock music or rock culture, even if it's not necessarily their forte. So be prepared for a bit of overlap with pop and country.

All that said, continue below to read about the shortest rock star marriages.

Shortest Rock Star Marriages

What rock star marriages were the shortest? After all, marriages don't work out sometimes, and that's just as true for musicians as anyone else. But whenever a rock marriage ends quickly, it can come as a shock to music fans. Here are the shortest rock star marriages over the years.

Gallery Credit: Philip Trapp

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