If you're into tattoos at all, then you've seen at least one episode of Spike TV's Ink Master TV show. This will get you pumped. Host and judge Oliver Peck will be slinging ink live at Lubbock's Stay True Tattoo.

Yes, this is actually your chance to get some ink from one of the best, and a Texas boy, too. Oliver's tattoo parlor, Elm Street Tattoos in Dallas, is one of the best in America. Oliver is from Dallas, and while he has worked all over the world, he still calls Texas home.

Now you have a chance to get inked by a world record holder and one of the top old-school American traditional artists ever.

Stay True Tattoo is at Broadway and Ave J and will have Peck tattooing live Thursday, June 9 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Spaces are VERY limited, but its possible to get an open slot by showing up or emailing him: oliverpecker@gmail.com. Peck will be there doing what he does best.

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