Olivia Newton-John's 25 year old daughter, Chloe Lattanzi has released a music video for a stupid song called "Play With Me." The song really does suck, but what's worse is that in Australia, where they're from, the country is saying it crosses the line. Why you might ask? Because she commits suicide twice over a guy and does a bunch of blow. She says its all for artistic purposes. I really don't see any art here, but neither do I see anything horribly offensive. Its all pretty stupid. But she is smokin' hot. Even hotter than her mom was in the 80's, and yes I did totally have a crush on Olivia Newton-John. Check out the video for her song "Physical" (try to ignore the glistening bulging man muscles displayed gratuitously throughout)below and tell me you wouldn't do her and her daughter. At the same time. Even after Olivia's mastectomy.

Here's Olivia's "Physical."

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