I have noticed something when it comes to people and what they enjoy when they see a concert they want all the praise in the world. But let me know tell you if they don't like the band that you went to go see, they will be the rear end of the jokes for a long time. But I have news for them, I was the one that got to see a great show, while everyone was content on staying home.

Now before I make my statement, I want it known that very rarely to I have to pay for a concert. It is one for the perks to being a radio dj.

I was in Austin, Texas this past weekend to enjoy The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival on Friday and Saturday night I PAID for my ticket to see Courtney Love. Yes, the same Courtney Love that was married to Kurt Cobain and fronted the band Hole.

As soon as I told people that I was going to see Courtney Love, the hate started to flood in from my friends. I wanted to tell people because I was excited to see Courtney Love, not only because she has put herself at the front of crazy, but I am a fan of Hole. I was looking forward to seeing her live show.

When myself, Danielle, Zac and Kayla first walked in to the venue which was Emo's but it was moved to a new location, I was impressed. It was a little bit bigger than The Backroom but also reminded me of The Pavillion with the concrete floors and metal beams. There was 2 bars set up where beer ran you about $8 and I didn't pay attention to the liqueur prices. The bathrooms were very clean and they even had a monitor in the bathroom that made sure no Tom Foolery was taken place.

The opening band was pretty lame. It was a lady fronted band that looked like Courtney Love and sounded like Courtney Love but wasn't very good at pulling off any of that.

So the time had come for Courtney Love to take the stage, and from that point on it was no holds barred. She came walking out with a cigarette in her mouth and a guitar in hand and she was ready for a killer show.

Now what made this show epic in my opinion? First of all she had huge stage presence, every  song she threw down was met with such force where she never just stood in one place. She was very sexual with some of her motions onstage and the crowd loved it. Her crowd interaction was amazing whether it was throwing out roses to the crowd or climbing into the crowd and signing or switching from side to side stage to show love. Here was the kicker she didn't have a set list, now i'm sure she had a good idea on what she was going to play but if a fan yelled out a song or she asked what we wanted to hear she and her band played it.

My whole rant is this, I am not trying to change your mind about Courtney Love, I am saying this, I paid $30 for a ticket along with about $50 in beer and I had a blast. My money was spent very wisely with this show and I was entertained and that is the only thing that matters when you pay for a show is that you are entertained when you pay for a show.

To sum up all of this about Courtney Love live on stage, she was entertaining, she was a rockstar, she was sexy, she was passionate, and she was just as heavy as she was in 1992 when she wanted to be and as soft and melodic as she wanted to be.

I have seen tons and tons of shows over the years, some stick out more than others but I tell you what if bands took a page from Courtney Love on how to put on a Rock Show, then there wouldn't be any fans of rock and roll disappointed ever again!



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