One Of The Best Concerts I Have Seen, And People Don’t Believe Me! [VIDEO]
I have noticed something when it comes to people and what they enjoy when they see a concert they want all the praise in the world. But let me know tell you if they don't like the band that you went to go see, they will be the rear end of the jokes for a long time. But I have news for them, I was the one that got to see a great show, while everyone was content on staying home.
Courtney Love In Austin, Texas On August 3rd! [VIDEO]
So August 2nd is The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival down in Austin. I am very stoked to take my girlfriend and meet up with our friends Zac and Kayla for the weekend. Now the cherry on top is the next night in Austin, Courtney Love will be at Emo's to perform!

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