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There is a lot to love about San Antonio, Texas. It makes for a great weekend getaway or even a longer trip to experience the history and culture the city has to offer. The food, the Riverwalk, and of course the Alamo are all top of the list when one visits.

San Antonio is also home to some great hotels new and old. And some of those hotels have a rich history. And while the hotels are great to stay at due to comfort and location, this time of year some hotels in San Antonio are highlighted because they are haunted.

There are actually a few hotels in San Antonio that are allegedly haunted, including one hotel that is ranked as a top 3 haunted hotel in the world. The Drury Riverwalk, The Crockett Hotel, the Wyndham River Walk, The Grey Moss Inn, and St. Anthony Hotel have all been listed among the haunted hotels of San Antonio.

The Menger Hotel is another haunted site that sits on the land where a famous battle took place. The Battle of the Alamo. According to Ghost City Tours, the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt is a visitor along with many other spirits. But even with that history, The Menger hasn't earned the reputation to make it among the top 3 most haunted hotels in the world.

The most haunted hotel in San Antonio? The Emily Morgan Hotel. The Emily Morgan was built on the grounds of the Alamo. According to the hotel's website, before the building became a hotel it was the Medical Arts Building and it's believed to have had a section dedicated to caring for those with "psychological conditions". According to Ghost City Tours, the 14th floor is one of many that are haunted.

Those staying on the fourteenth level of the Emily Morgan generally have one thing to say: that the smell is acutely reminiscent of a hospital. Once the Medical Arts Building’s waiting area, it seems that this floor has been impressed with the residual energy of one of the surgical levels.

Guests have reported to opening the doors to the hallways only to find a scene from a hospital waiting right inside. Their gazes widen, their fingers no doubt tightening on the doorknob as they grasp to comprehend the nearly tangible sight before them. In an attempt to organize their clashing thoughts, they shut the door. Taking a deep breath in the safety of their guest room, they then swing the door wide open again. The ghostly image has always vanished by this second peek out into the corridor, and the imprinted image from the past is nothing but a memory for the living.

Want to explore the Emily Morgan hotel and possibly see or hear something a little spooky? The Emily Morgan Hotel is offering a "Room With Your Boo" Halloween special, and yes rooms are open for Halloween weekend.

Sounds like it could be an adventure.

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