As everybody knows, Halloween is right around the corner and finding a Halloween costume is always a big decision. So to help people out with some simple costume ideas and avoid the stress, here are five Lubbock-themed costume ideas.

  • Kliff Kingsbury

    This Halloween costume could be put together in minutes. A few of things you would definitely need for this costume. First, a clipboard. Make sure to place that in front of your pants just like him. Of course you have to have the sunglasses and make sure you wear a Texas Tech shirt or a fancy suit.

    John Weast, Getty Images
  • Buddy Holly

    We all know the signature look for Buddy Holly were his big, black glasses. You could walk around with a fake mic or even just a cardboard guitar - or even a real one. Simple, nothing too extreme and saves you money while representing the 806's rich musical history.

    Ronald Martinez, Getty Images
  • The Masked Rider

    This is a money saver. A black mask, black hat and red cape that matched the Texas Tech Masked Rider's style. And if you have children or nieces/nephews, maybe you could borrow their stick horse to take along for the Halloween ride.

    Ronald Martinez, Getty Images
  • haboob

    Now Lubbock always has wind or something that messes up our allergies. So why not. You could dress like the kid from "Peanuts," Pig-Pen, with shorts, a t-shirt that you don’t care about and just throw a whole lot of dirt on your clothes and face and BAM -- you’re done! Or you could get a crazy cardboard cut out and color it brown.

    Jacqui Neal
  • Whataburger Table Tent

    Everybody LOVES Whataburger. That’s a no brainer. With this Halloween costume idea, you could get a cardboard box, make it orange with white stripes, put a number on it and write Whataburger at the top. A sandwich board sign would also be perfect for this. With a little creativity, you can turn it into a Whataburger table tent no problem.


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