Kliff Kingsbury spoke to the media Tuesday morning about the upcoming Oklahoma State game and the injuries sustained in the Houston game last week.

Coach Kingsbury praised the Oklahoma State offense, saying no one has figured out how to stop them yet.

"It's one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Washington's as good as anybody in the country, so there are four or five of them that can play for anybody," Kingsbury said, adding: "

Kingsbury also commented on why the team is playing like it's angry this season.

"I don't think it's hard to see where that comes from when you sit around for nine months being told how bad you are," he said.

Defensive Tackle Broderick Washington also talked about the team's defense having more confidence after starting 3-0.

"Starting 3-0, I mean, we have a lot of confidence because we've been able to do things that last year's team probably wouldn't have been able to do. So everybody right now is just playing at a high level," Washington said.

Washington also talked about the brotherhood between the defense and offense and how they're both more confident in each other this season.

"Really, that all started in the off-season. Actually, it started before then with last year because we were back-ups, so every time either one of us got in, we were always together. So it started last year when we both gained experience and were playing with stuff in the offseason," said Washington. "Our bunch just grew closer and closer in the season. As you can see we're here with each other."

And if the offense and defense come together for the whole game, "the sky's the limit," he added.

Washington was also inspired by the return of Dakota Allen and his quick rise to team captain.

"Dakota's come back and brought the physicality back, he's brought more confidence back," he said. "He's given us more confidence as well knowing we've got a guy back there that's been through it all. He's done this already. With him, there wasn't a drop off. It was like he never left, really."

Wide Receiver Cam Batson credited Rusty Whitt and the strength and conditioning program for his great stop start move against Arizona State.

"I give credit to Coach Sal and Coach Whitt in the strength and conditioning program because we've been working stop and starts all summer long," he explained. "It was just a move that I guess was really natural."

The wide receiver also talked about quarterback Nic Shimonek's improvement over the first three games of the 2017 season.

"He's improved a lot. Nic is a guy that really feeds into the competition and the close game. That's the kind of competitor he is," Batson said. "You can just see it in him being able to read the coverages and check out different things. So I feel like Nic has done a great job this year. Obviously spreading the ball around to all the receivers. Our running game has been very improved from last year. So we're just looking forward to keep going and keep proving everyone wrong."

Batson answered a question about the hashtag #TTVE, which became a bit of a sensation on social media during Texas Tech's upset of Houston.

"That means a lot. We were a team last year that didn't win a lot of games. We're the team that the media talked about how poorly we would be this year that we want to prove everyone wrong. That Texas Tech versus everybody means a lot," Batson said. "They took the double T away from us this summer and in the spring. We had to earn that back. You come to this school because that double T should be worn with pride. So Texas Tech versus everybody, it means a lot. It means a lot to me and me and Coach Kingsbury, and because they were alumni of this school as well as to myself now. Yeah, it definitely means a lot."

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