Well, now it's time for the divisional match ups in the NFL Playoffs. I'm a huge sports nut but haven't done too well at picking the winners this year. Hopefully this weekends picks will be better than last.


Baltimore and Pittsburgh have the 1st game on Saturday and I think the Ravens will stun the Steelers and take this game by 3...courtesy of at least 3 take aways!

Green Bay and Atlanta have the late game on Saturday and as much as I'd like to see the Pack win, my gut tells me the Falcons will win this game by 7. However, both QB's will have huge games!

On Sunday, the Seahawks and Bears square up in what should be a lopsided affair. The Seahawks will crush the Bears. What? Yep, I said it. I just don't think Cutler will show up for the Bears thus their defense will get too tired because they're on the field too long! Yep, 'Hawks by 10.

And finally, as much as it makes my stomach turn, I'm picking the Patriots over the Jets in the late game on Sunday. Not because I like the Jets, but it sickens me because I hate New England. BUT, you can't deny that The Pats are, by far, the best the league has seen in years! I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

What are your thoughts?

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