There are certain events that happen that we all remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard it, the day I heard Michael Jackson had died is one of those days for me.


I was at home packing for a flight the next day to Mexico for my birthday. Wes called me and asked me to come back in and break the news to you guys.

It was a very surreal feeling reporting to people that the king of pop was dead.

In the following days (even in Mexico) his death was the big story. News surrounding how he died, and clip after clip of his unusual (or down right bazaar) behavior was every where.

Slowly information about his children started to be released and fans got a glimpse of things in his life, that while still odd, were strangely normal in some respects.

Things like his devotion and love for his kids...

Now in an interview on the Ellen Show, Jackson's daughter Paris opens up about life with her famous father, the lessons he taught her,the masks, how she and her brothers are coping, and many other issues.

Here is an article with some information and a clip of the interview

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