The RockShow asked FMX listeners to share something messed up their teacher did to them. We got so many responses for an article we published yesterday (you can find it here) that we elected to publish a continuation of the list today.

Thank you to everyone that responded to our question, and we hope some of you are getting the therapy you likely need after growing up with this crap.

So, without further ado, here are 20 more messed up things FMX listeners claim their teachers did to them.


"In 6th grade, Mrs head made me write with my right hand ( I am left-handed) and then flunked me in handwriting" - Patricia L.

"My ROTC instructor mispronounced my name during roll call the first six weeks of my freshman year. I never responded, so I failed ROTC despite doing all the activities." - Gary D.

"Our first and third-grade teacher (the same lady moved up to 3rd two years after teaching us in 1st) had us giving her backrubs (and some kids rubbed her feet) while she read us stories. It was always weird." - Keenon A.

"Had a nurse ask if my parents knew what kind of music I listened to while wearing a Korn shirt to school in Jr High. She then proceeded to list off some Christian bands I should listen to instead." - Dustin W.

"I went to a small, cult-like, evangelical private school while growing up in Midland. My 6th-grade teacher was extremely religious and every Friday afternoon we had “End Times Friday” where she would tell us terrifying and emotionally disturbing stories about the upcoming apocalypse. She also called me into the hallway one time to tell me that “the devil was seeping through my cracks” (strange wording) because I failed a math test. This is one of the many reasons I became a teacher." - Lauren V.

"My son got kicked out of speech class for an entire semester for saying “That’s what she said” - Devon F.

"Choir teacher in the 5th grade told me that I would never be able to sing in front of people" - Ronnie E.

"There was that 5 seconds of a porno that played before the VHS of “Lean on Me” - Aaron D.

"Made me lick a bar of soap for saying bull corn!" - Stephanie M.

"Probably shouldn't be posting this here but I had a teacher put her hand on my leg through my ripped jeans and ask if it was cold... in class.
I was taking a test I missed on the outside of her office one day and she came out to the doorframe and leaned against it and stared at me for a while. After I realized she was staring at me, I looked up at her and she says these words to me:
"Your mother must be so proud of you to have something as beautiful as you come out of her" -Ryan B.
"Confiscated a religious book I was reading and told me I was going to hell because it wasn't Christian." - Alli Y.
"Question my ability to count to 7. As a freshman. In front of the whole Frenship marching band!" - Amy J.
"In second grade, the old bitch grabbed me by my ear and dragged me out of class, she severed some ligaments in my ear and it was a whole thing.........All because I asked why Jesus would turn water into wine when he could have turned it into grape juice...It was a Christian school btw...." - Lynn D.
"I had a teacher the last day of real class our senior year played Janis Joplin’s Roller Skates Song 3-4 times in a row. His point was now you will never forget about me. 25 years later yep still remember him." - John R.
"My freshman counselor told me I wasn't smart enough to take biology and chemistry and physics instead of the normal line up of science classes so I took them anyway and graduated a year and a half early just to prove a point" - Ash H.
"I was lectured for no less than 30 minutes about how I was going to Hell for wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt at Cavazos Junior High. It literally just had his name on it. The 90s were wild yall. I still love MM, probably still going to Hell" - Renee Raven
"My math teacher told me my parents should have adopted a smart kid like my brother who is in who's who because he is very intelligent" - Jo M.
"Made me try sauerkraut and V8 juice in kindergarten and now I hate both." - Missy M.
"In kindergarten, I was put in the corner for saying I wasn't someone's friend" - Angelina P.
"Writing 500 definitions. If we acted up in a class. Waste of notebook paper." - Delores A.
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