Everyone has an unsavory memory of one teacher or another. Most of the time, kids are misbehaving, but sometimes teachers misbehave, too. That's why The RockShow asked FMX listeners to share what messed up things their teachers did to them.

Holy crap.

Some of your teachers were really screwed up. Before you begin your journey down this list, I want you to know that we excluded many stories that were just too extreme to add to a light-hearted list.

We read through hundreds of submissions. These are the top 20 most messed up things FMX listeners claim their teachers have done to them.


"Had a teacher bully me in the 3rd grade cause my mom was her husband's high school crush she was sooooo mean to me and made me hate school" - Corey W.

"Had a teacher my freshman year of high school in front of the class and said I was what they would call grande I was shocked and so was the class and then she proceeded to say other girls and she is what is considered small at the time and I was like 130 lbs. To this day I remember that and I feel bad for her to make herself feel better about herself and put down a 14-year-old girl" - Heather G.

"I had a high school teacher tell me I wouldn't amount anything and would be dead by 19 all because I did a report on Charles Manson. Not only did I graduate I got a degree from college and I'm 47. lol" - Issac G.

"Had this coach who would always send me to the principal’s office and make me do wall sits. Oh yeah, she was also my aunt!" - Shay C.

"Mrs. Nickleson 3rd grade teacher bent over in front of my desk and farted and got me in trouble saying I had made the noise just because I laughed at her. So my laughing self went walking all the way down the principal office." - Leeroy V.

"Had a teacher call the police to have me hogtied and hauled off as a first grader." - Nathan R.

"Not to me but to my brother. He was an annoying little shit and she put him inside a refrigerator box for the whole class. On another note, I probably would still do the same thing to him." - Meagan G.

"Had a teacher in 3rd grade dig her fingernails into my scalp. She thought it wouldn’t leave marks but it did and my mom went ballistic but nothing was never done about it." Felipe G.

"Freshman year of high school, and I had signed up for Algebra. When I got my schedule, they had put me in some math fundamentals class. When I went to address the mistake, the teacher, Roberta Johnson, literally looked me up and down and said, “no, that’s the right class for you.” I guess I wasn’t the right color for Algebra? Anyway, I argued a bit with her and she said, “I’ll tell you what- IF you can pass this class the first 6 weeks, I’ll see about getting you the class you think you want.” I did all extra credit and bonus answers on all tests. Got a 125 average that first six weeks. Needless to say, I was out in Algebra that next 6 weeks." - James U.

"Oh my gosh! My 1st-grade teacher had New Home Elementary used to drag us in the hall by our ears while jamming her nails into our earlobes. She was a witch" Chelsie W.

"Tied me into my chair with a jump rope. 63 and it still pisses me off." - Gregory G.

"One teacher told my entire class we would never amount to anything." - Derek V.

"My Jr year history teacher explained what an abortion was using graphic misinformation for shock value in an attempt to turn us pro-life." - Brandi G.

"Not me but my daughter’s 5th-grade teacher at Parsons Elementary saw her journal on her desk & felt it was her right to open & read in it. Then, she shared with other staff what was written in it. When I voiced my concern about it I was told “Well, she shouldn’t have her journal at school.” - Erica W.

"In had 7th grade Math with Mrs. Sparkman. I struggled in math and went to her one day after school for tutoring and she told me it would be a waste of time because of who my family was. She hated my Mom and her entire family." - Mitzi A.

"My Home Ec teacher told me that I had better marry rich." - Lindsay B.

"My fifth grade English teacher told our class that we were going to end up in the welfare line because, from what I understood, our writing assignments weren't good enough. She was very nitpicky when it came to our writing. But that was absolutely uncalled for, in my opinion!" - Nichol V.

"Mrs. Pear...Whiteside Elementary...1980 something.. I was late to school because my brother could not find his notebook. I was in 3rd grade he was in 5th. My mom drove us. When I got to school, Mrs. Pear made me stand in front of the class and explain why I could not get there on time. I was humiliated and crying. She said I was not responsible for my brother so I should have been at school on time, I finally said, "I can't drive dummy!" I was sent to the principal's office. I told my side of the story, Mr. Maynard was cool, he chuckled and just told me to wait 30 minutes and then go back. I think he said something to her because she was overly nice to me the rest of the year. I will never forget how horrible she was to me though." - April E.

"When I first moved here maybe 3 grade we had a pe teacher make us run to the cops theme song saying we should just get used to it since that's where we would all end up." - Venessa C.

"I had a teacher drag me to out of class and down the hall by my ear in 4th grade for doing the "arm pump" celebratory action when she announced she was going to retire the next year." - Josh M.

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