Man, what a hilariously simple idea.  Just get Pee Wee Herman to narrate a serious movies trailer.  Jimmy Fallon had Pee Wee Herman do just that and it's 30 seconds of hilarity that you'll watch over and over and show with all your friends.  Click through for the results.

Man, I hope the new Batman movie is good.  It's about 2 1/2 hours from what I hear.  I personally don't know if I can stay that long in a theater seat.  I'm going to have to wait and hear back from you guys if it was worth seeing in a place where you can't pause to pee or get a drink (and pee again).  Anyways, the hype is all out there and that is no doubt what gave Jimmy Fallon the idea to narrate the commercial.  I doubt the movie company will have any problem with this either; even though it's making fun of the trailer, it's getting people to watch the trailer over and over. Here you go: