I can't believe that this still happens, but it does. A lot! And I'm disgusted by it. We need to spread the word that you shouldn't buy an animal for a pet if you aren't ready for a lifetime commitment.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because of this Facebook post I saw at a Texas no-kill shelter:


That's right -- someone dropped off a three-month old puppy because it was GETTING TOO BIG! At three months. What the hell do you think happens to animals when they grow up?

Now, I completely understand getting your kids a pet. And I understand getting them one for a present, too. But if YOU the parent aren't prepared to take care of the pet for its whole life, then don't get it.

Your kids might not be old enough or responsible enough to care for it properly. That doesn't mean you return it. That means that YOU are responsible for it. And if you aren't ready to make a commitment to care for that animal for its entire life, then don't get it.

Please be sure to share this with anybody and everybody you can, because too many pets are euthanized every day due to people being selfish and stupid. And when you're ready for a pet, consider adopting a shelter pet first. You don't need a purebred animal; they aren't better than any other animal.

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