UPDATE (3/26): While BBC has (understandably) yet to cave in to fan demands that Snoop Dogg narrate their iconic nature show Planet Earth, it looks like the rapper has taken matter's into his own hands.

Hosted on the Merry Jane web-site (the same which features actor Seth Rogen's "Rollin' with Rogen" series), Snoop has launched his own digital nature series, "Planet Snoop."

Promising to bring "his wild commentary to the craziest viral videos on the web," the series basically takes off where Jimmy Kimmel's "Plizzanet Earth" left off, with Snoop commentating as he watches animal videos on YouTube. Watch the first episode, "Squirrel vs. Snake," below:

ORIGINAL POST (1/30): Morgan Freeman. James Earl Jones. Vincent Price. Our generation has seen its fair share of iconic narrators over the years, but there's always room for a new voice to be heard—like Snoop Dog. Snoop Doggy Dogg is currently and hilariously at the center of a peculiar Change.com petition to get the famous rapper to provide voice-over for an entire season of BBC's iconic nature show Planet Earth, which is famously narrated by English naturalist and journalist, David Attenborough.

It all started when the rapper began appearing on a reoccurring segment called "Plizzanet Earth" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, in which Snoop performs an improv narration over clips of the nature show. These skits are, as one might expect, ridiculous, with the rapper bringing his notoriously unique manner of speaking to create a particularly funny narration-izzle to scenarios involving wildlife. Just watch:

The petition was launched about two weeks ago by a fan called Kelly Ooton, who explains passionately on the petition's official page, "Snoop Dogg has narrated some Planet Earth in the past but yo we need him to narrate full episodes. Sign the petition if you agree."

And, well, it looks like a lot of people agree, because as of today, the petition has over 34,000 signatures, only needing a few hundred more to reach its current goal of 35,000. Those numbers were likely assisted by Snoop Dogg himself, who noticed the petition this past week and posted about it on Twitter on Thursday (January 28):

So, will you be signing the petition-izzle?

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