Let's play a game of pretend. You have just been granted 1 wish, but this wish has restrictions. Which "Rock Star" would you spend the day with and why? That's right, your genie will only grant you the wish of spending a day with your favorite "Rock Star".I'd have to pick Dave Grohl for a few reasons. First, I could get the low down on his days in Nirvana. Primarily, though, he's one of the funniest dudes on the planet. Seriously, you've seen Foo Fighters videos, right? Just his personality and character in those alone would be enough. Finally, he likes to party and I think he'd be a good wing man. If I can't get laid hanging out with Dave Grohl, then I ain't never getting laid.

If I had 2 more wishes then I'd throw in Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg for obvious reasons.

What about you? Who would you choose?

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