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I love Lubbock. I grew up in Lubbock. I still kinda wish FMX was 100 miles to the west. Y'all wouldn't mind taking a day trip to pick up prizes, right?

"What's 100 miles west?" Well, y'all know...100 miles west is the Texas-New Mexico border. And while being a Texan is something I'm proud of to the point of making my spaghetti with Texaroni, I still think New Mexico has figured some things out that Texas is being, let's say, a little behind on.

New Mexico recently went legal with recreational Cannabis use, the most sensible thing a state can do nowadays. Not only is it a fantastic moneymaker for the state, but it's also the more just and more humane thing to do. From cancer to seizures, Cannabis has been shown over and over again to have real medicinal benefits. Also, it's none of my business why anyone uses it. It should be, like so many other things like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating cheeseburgers, etc, a right and a personal choice for adults. It's absolutely ridiculous that anyone should ever go to jail for it, or have a "record" over it.

New Mexico also has legalized gambling, which to be perfectly honest, I'm a little glad is not legal in Texas. Not because I have anything against it, but just because I love gambling but I ain't got gambling money. But roulette is so fun!

New Mexico also had the good sense to develop some breathtaking mountains eons ago. Great choice!

Also being 100 miles west puts me 100 miles closer to the coolest tourist attraction of all time: Meow Wolf. Fun fact: there's a mini homage to Lubbock drawn on the hallway that leads to the bathroom.

We already rock West Texas AND Eastern New Mexico, so it wouldn't be a tremendous difference, right? Also, a Zia Spot shirt would look really, really cool.

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