Come party with Phantom Wilds on August 30th at Jake's Backroom to celebrate the digital release of their debut album, Burn Patterns.

The album release will be out on August 23rd, so you can get your download the Friday before the show at Jake's Backroom and have plenty time to listen to the album.

The show is for all ages and costs $5 for general admission. Other artists who will be performing on August 30th include Indego, Basking, Holly Harper and Arcave.

Mark the date on your calendar and plan on hearing some local artists rock the stage at Jake's Backroom. Don't be one of those who complains that there aren't enough local bands performing or concerts in Lubbock and then not attend this show!

They're my new favorite group, and this is sure to be a jam session that you don't want to miss. Phantom Wilds has a unique sound that has been long missed by local music consumers, so if you're looking for a new band to fall in love with, check out Phantom Wilds. I promise you'll thank me later.

Check out their videos for "A Phantom Wild" (my new favorite download) and their newest single, "After Dreams," below.

Phantom Wild's
Phantom Wilds

See you at the show on August 30th!

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